Mendenilla Construction, Inc.

Mendenilla Construction is a heavy highway construction firm specializing in bridges, highways, streets, utilities, steel and concrete.

We have successfully completed projects along the Front Range ivolving:

  • highway               concrete                      retainging wall                   curbs and street gutters
  • street                   precast concrete          airport runway                   sidewalk
  • bridge                  utilities                        storm sewer                       sidewalk
  • structural steel    rebar                            water                                  excavating
  • reinforcing steel  mudjacking                  culverts                              fencing
  • Steel- Standard and Reinforcing Steel
  • General Contractor Roadway Construction
  • Inlets, Manholes, Sewers Pipe
  • Pipe Installation (Plastic and Concrete)
  • Storm Drainage
  • Structural Steel
  • Fencing
  • I-70 at Loveland Pass Bridge
  • Herman Gulch Bridge
  • Pipe laying at Hwy 285 and Villa Grave
  • Pipe laying at Hwy 24 in Manitou Springs
  • Pipe laying on Northwest Parkway (E-470)
  • Storm Drainage in Teller County
  • Structural Steel
  •  Concrete flatwork for Stapleton Development
  • concrete flatwork at Hwy 74 in Evergreen
  • Surveying and installing metal decks for HealthOne sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Fencing and concrete in Rocky Ford
  • Bridge owrk at County Line Road
  • Fencing
  • Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  • A&S Construction
  • APC Construction
  • Castle Rock Construction
  • Kiewit Construction
  • Kirkland Construction
  • Connell Resources
  • Lafarge
  • Schmidt Construction
  • W.L. Construction
  • Glen Eagle Development
  • Grand Ranch Development
  • Highland Ranch Development
  • R.E. Monk
  • DBE- Colorado Department of Transportation
  • SBE- City and County of Denver
  • MBE- Minority Business Entreprise
  • RTD-Rapid Transit Deparment
For your competitve bid, contact Tony Mendenilla at (719) 748-5079